GGH Solutions in Geosciences GmbH

Offenburger Str. 82
79108 Freiburg

Tel. +49 761 4001169
Fax. +49 761 58539051

Aerial Photography

Through the use of a GPS-controlled Microcopter, we are now able to produce high-resolution aerial photographs. These photos can be applied to the documentation or planning phases of archaeological excavations.

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Archaeological Prospektion

Under the category of archaeological prospection we use modern geophysical processes. In addition to Caesium and Fluxgate magnetometers we use ground penetrating radar (GPR) and geoelectric Tomography. Most archaeological inquiries are able to be reliably answered through the combination of these methods.

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Geological cartography and processing of geodata are central priorities for GGH - Solutions in Geosciences. With the aid of contemporary geographic information systems, e.g. ArcGIS, you receive all processed information and materials from one hand.

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