A geomagnetic examination of the settlement areas within the Udabno steppe, which probably originate from the transition from the 2nd to the 1st millenia BCE, was conducted by the cooperative efforts of the Troy-Project and the Georgian Academy of Sciences. The examined settlement is refered to as "Naomari Gora", and in turn consists of three sectors. The goal of the geomagnetic investigation was: to explore the structures of the site, which were not recognizable on an aerial photograph taken by Russian recognisance; and thus to provide detailed starting points for future excavation campaigns. An entry gate was able to be located in the central part of the settlement in the citadel area. Numerous additional internal structures were able to be recognized in the inner part of the settlement. Our investigations also revealed a continuation of the central settlement in the southern edge of the site, a observation that was otherwise undetectable through the pre-existing aerial photographs.

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