Gordion - Capital of the Phrygian Kingdom

Gordion was the capital of the Phrygian Kingdom and was rediscovered in 1895 by Körte brothers. The first excavations were conducted in 1900 on the settlement mound and some of the tumuli, or burial mounds, of the surrounding area. Since 1950 excavations of the site have been conducted by archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania. The company GGH has been assigned the task of conducting systematic geophysical examinations of the Gordion settlement mound, its surroundings, and nearby tumuli since 2007. Our investigations are components of a strong interdisciplinary research project. By 2013 a total of about 45 ha area was surveyed using geomagnetic methods and geoelectric profile of about 1 kilometer was measured. The employed geophysical methods provided detailed conclusions about the course of the outer defense wall that runs along the lower city of Gordion.


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