General Terms and Conditions (Updated 1.Jan.2011)

  1. In the occurence of a contract through written or verbal assignment submission with GGH, the general terms and conditions of GGH will be recognized by the commissioning party, provided nothing else is agreed upon in written form.
  2. We ensure the appropriate and professional implementation of geoscientific, geophysical, and survey-technical service according to agreed upon extent.
  3. The commissioning party assumes the responsibility of obtaining all necessary permits for the implementation of survey and examination methods of the area of interest, especially the approval of government officials and property owners.
  4. Property damage is typically not caused by our methods. Surveys of agriculturally used areas are exempt of this. In such a case, any potential costs to ground property will be assumed by the commissioning party.
  5. In no case do we assume liability concerning the accuracy or success of measurements, which, based on our measurements, our measured results, or potential suggestions, will be performed or omitted; this is so because it is particularly agreed to in writing.  
  6. The commissioning party takes it upon himself to promptly and adequately inform us of all peculiarities, which have an influence on our conferred work and can impede and delay this work.
  7. If a measurement or examination is not able to be accomplished through the fault of GGH, charge is not issued. If a measurement or examination is not able to be accomplished or completed without fault of GGH, a charge is assessed corresponding to the accomplished work, plus potential additional costs.
  8. All additional costs are figured into our offered price, provided it is not explicitly indicated in extra additional costs. The offered prices are net prices. Offers apply 3 months from the submission of the offer. Our bills are to be settled within 14 days without deduction.
  9. The report of our work will be transferred to the commissioning party in a simple format. Additional formats are, providing nothing else is agreed upon in writing, to be separately reimbersed. Digital measurement data and digital datasets are only made accessable after separate agreement.
  10. The commissioning party is entitled to inform him/herself at any time from the contracted party about progress of the measurements and state of the processing of the datasets.
  11. Legal domicile is located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Würrtemberg Germany and falls under German law.
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