The subsurface of the earth can be examined relatively quickly and cost-efficiently by means of geophysical prospection. Geophysical prospection is often applied to the examination and placement of archaeological objects and monuments. Those geophysical prospection methods offered by us are proven to work especial well in identifying archeological contexts.

  • Magnetometry
  • Ground penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Geoelectric Tomography

Further areas of application of geophysical prospection include the investigation of surface materials (e.g gravel, sand, agrillite, limestone, and igneous rocks) as well as hydrogeological inquiries and investigation of abandoned hazardous sites. The processing of dikes and locating of pipelines are possible areas of application.

Our measuring equiptment includes:

  • High-resolution caesium magnetometer
  • 4-track Fluxgate magnetometer ("Förster-Sonde")
  • 200 and 400 MHz ground penetrating radar (GPR) antenna with a TerraSIRch 3000 portable device
  • Geoelectric measuring instrument 4Point light hp with a multielectro string (80 electrodes
  • Differential GPS - Trimble R7/R8 (RTK capability)

With our survey bus and integrated moble office we are able, in  most cases, to process and load the day's collected data on site. Depending on local conditions, we are able to survey up to 20,000 m2 per day.



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